Monday, August 20, 2007

Just another way to look at Long Island 3.0 ...

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Clearly, as I've explained in previous posts, I think this dynamic model will help solve some of our regional issues and perhaps even lead to a unified  "Long Island Philosophy" of some type.

Additionally, in our new "virtual" Long Island, we may want to consider engaging our students in activities which will reflect and help shape the Long Island they will inherit. While many schools, colleges and universities have very fine "Long Island" studies programs, we do not have a "dynamic" common thread to engage our young people in the process. All avenues, including interactive "gaming" specific to Long Island should be developed by our universities and business accelerators to encourage active participation. 

In short, only focused education and active participation from an engaged population (student and otherwise) will win the hearts and minds of Long Islanders and allow substantive, positive change to take place. 

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