Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Long Island Innovation Council: Part One

What if every large municipality, and maybe consortia of smaller ones, create a "Department of Innovation" which then places a member on a "Long Island Council of Innovation" in concert with the major (and consortia of minor) non-profit, business and other relevant Long Island Organizations? Sort of a sub-division and natural extension of the Long Island Congress concept.

What if, before government and other funding organizations of all types support a project, the project must comply with the "One Long Island" constitution and guidelines?

I'm not a big fan of mandates and bureaucracy, but they do and will continue to exist (although hopefully in a limited context). Why not use them to help implement the "One Long Island" project which will in turn lessen the need for mandates and bureaucracy over time?

As we've stated previously, there is plenty of money already "in the system" to help restructure Long Island and set it up for a bright future.  

More in Part Two.

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