Tuesday, November 6, 2007

One Long Island - Virtual Constitution Wiki

I created this One Long Island Virtual Constitution Wiki and got the ball rolling. The Password is LIIF. Put your own user name and email in.

Please feel free to join in. Please keep it positive.

We'll see if this wiki software suits our purposes.

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Carla said...

Residents of New York State have a Right to a Constitutional Convention every 20 years and that means that this 2018 we can demand and get a re-writing of our New York Constituiton;WE NEED ALL THIS TIME TO GET IT ALL TOGETHER and I think that we should take advantage of this opportunity. I have been telling people for some time now, "you have to get a legal pad and split it into three columns, one for things you like about our laws, one about laws you want abolished and one about laws that need to be created......it would be great to coordinate this project here on this website....not just one Long Island but One New York.....The first thing every citizen has got to know is how a Constitutional Covention works and has been designed for us already from back in 1938 or before that, and we are forced to deal with it because I SEE THIS AS BEING OUR FIRST PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH: this being, DEMANDING THE ABOLISHMENT OF 'A SMALL GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS CHOSEN NOT BY THE COMMON MAN' 'TO CHOOSE WHAT IS TO BE PUT-IN, LEFT-OUT, AND KEPT THE SAME' OF THE RE-WRITTEN CONSTITUTION (not necessarily everything the people want) AND THAT THE PEOPLE ONLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE ON WHAT IS OFFERED TO THEM BY THIS SMALL GROUP, IT IS A ONE SHOT DEAL, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT AND IF WE DID NOT GET WHAT WE WANTED AND WE REJECT IT AND KEEP THE OLD CONSTITUTION THAN IT WILL HAVE BEEN A BIG WASTE OF RESOURCES.....A NEW MORE FAIR WAY NEEDS TO BE ADOPTED INTO THIS NEW CONSTITUTION SO AS TO ACTUALLY GET A REAL CHANCE OF RE-WRITING OUR CONSTITUTION COMPLETELY TO US PEOPLE'S LIKING INSTEAD OF BEING GIVEN SOME HALF-DONE PIECE OF JUNK THAT THE VOTERS REJECT (and probably all to the liking of the status quo)Elected officials now and for the next ten years have got to know up front what is being agreed upon with people interested in participating in next Constitutional Convention so that Constituents can demand support of ideas/items people expect to see offered to us for our ratifying votes AND that only candidates who vow to support our cause will we vote into office so as to ensure the cause to survive, AND THIS CAUSE IS,THE ABOLISHMENT OF 'THE SMALL GROUP TO DICTATE AND OFFER' AND THE ALLOWING OF THE PEOPLE IN FUTURE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS TO GO OVER THE CONSTITUTION LINE BY LINE THEMSELVES AND VOTE ON EVERY LAW WE LIVE BY....elected officials need to know that the people want this and have a right to it and so should be given it OR DON"T EXPECT TO BE VOTED INTO OFFICE OR KEEP YOUR PRESENT OFFICE BECAUSE WHEN VOTING TIME COMES THE PEOPLE NEED TO VOTE BAD NON-LISTENING OFFICIALS OUT OF RECEIVING A TOO BIG PAYCHECK AND NOT PASSING NEEDED/WANTED LEGISLATION