Thursday, May 24, 2007

XML Feed Lists for Public Information and Alerts

In previous posts we've talked about the need to have all public information (or, at a minimum, public alerts) available through XML/RSS technology.

We've also explored the need to make all public information available through multiple platforms and on a variety of devices.

Of course we can not force individuals to receive information they don't want to receive. However, at a minimum, there should be a list of XML Alert feeds available, simple instructions on how to use them and accessibility to free devices for those few who do not already have the ability to receive the information.

Alerts should be available from, among others, all governmental agencies, schools, law enforcement agencies, first responders, health agencies, amber alerts and sex offender registries. Furthermore all media should voluntarily conform to a uniform standard with government as one of the methods they use to distribute emergency information.

XML/RSS notification is not the total answer to notifying the public, but it is an effective, low cost solution to granting easy access to important information for public consumption.

Additionally, XML/RSS enabled information will fit very well into the Long Island 3.0 concept, the Long Island Meta-Portal concept and all the other ideas we've explored over the past few months in an effort to create a more coordinated flow of information and enable better public policy as a result of our efforts.

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