Tuesday, May 15, 2007

From the "You Can Ignore It, But It Will Still Happen" department ...

It seems that every day there is a new and easy way for groups and individuals to communicate with one another.

Yackpack is another in the long and growing line of products designed to foster mass communication. Many are free or little cost.

As we began to explore in the idea for a NYS Alert/General Information System these types of new communication devices can all be made to work together a positive, productive part of a "collective mind" (Long Island, New York and beyond) for effective results in the area of public policy.

As we explore some additional Long Island 2.o concepts and designs, I'll try to incorporate as many of these new communication devices as I can into the mix.

The main point is that New York State or anyone or any organization seeking to deliver relevant information now has many devices at their disposal. Give people choice and make it easy to use and you're more than halfway home.

"I do not say that the attainment of profound knowledge comes straight away; on the contrary, it comes by a gradual training, a gradual doing, a gradual practice."

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