Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long Island Meta News Service: Part Three

Setting up the technical aspects of the LIMNS (Long Island MetaNet) is really not too difficult given the widespread availability and relatively inexpensive Web 2.0 and emerging Web 3.0 technologies.

So how to "spread the word" and create a Long Island based media network quickly?

In any organization there are folks who are just natural networkers. They know tons of folks. In fact if we did our own Six Degrees of Separation on Long Island we could probably reach almost every person of influence on Long Island. We want those people. The "meta networkers."

But they are not the only people we want.

I think most "average" folks don't realize the power, influence and good ideas they have. It is often pointed out that Long Island is "divided" by many different "political subdivisions" and this is true.

But we are also divided, among other things, by many different uncoordinated "like minded" organizations doing similar work and by regional media which acts as the "gatekeeper" of what we are permitted to hear, read and see about Long Island.

Fair enough. If you are engaged in a "profit driven" media entity you really have no choice but to make decisions based upon what will "sell."

But what if, through a dynamic, collaborative and flexible structure as the type described in many of the preceding 220 or so posts we allowed not only the "professionals" to shape the news and provide us with information and ideas, but anyone who wished to contribute to this "pan Long Island-ism" in a positive way?

Would it take time to create this new Long Island philosophy?

Of course.

Will it be easy?

Of course not.

But so what? What are the alternatives? More of the same? More of the same voices promoting the same ideas in the same way?

More in Part four.

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