Friday, July 13, 2007

Thank you, but I can think for myself ...

"But really the biggest myth is that these shifts in media consumtion are all about blogs. Blogs are just one of the little pieces of social software that knit my life together. Flickr, instant messaging and Skype help too. I often say that my network is my filter, and whether it's on friends' blogs, via e-mail or via IM, I'm constantly getting a feed of information that is more relevant to my life than the crap that passes for 'authoratative comment' - as Simon Kelner Editor of The Independent called it. What a load of self-important tosh.

Interesting article on blogging, news and opinion.

The important point for us and the Long Island 3.0 project, is that even in this "web 2.0" work we live in presently, many people are already creating their own information environments. Some are more sophisticated than others.

The vast majority of young people use social networks of one type or another. Are they likely to settle for  "pre-packaged" traditional media as they get older? I don't think so.

As we morph into the Web 3.0 environment, news and information will become more available and more easily "manipulated" by the end user. Long Island 3.0 (and the Citizen Media Network) anticipates this shift in news and information utilization, and attempts to create a framework in which we may use all existing and emerging technologies for a positive purpose.

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