Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Modular Long Island ...

By way of review, a significant part of our Long Island 3.0 project requires us to use as many "open standards" as possible so as to accelerate our ability  to communicate clearly and with purpose. 

While the Long Island Congress is a "virtual think tank" model in many ways, the end game here is results and "applied technology" which we can use to make Long Island a regional powerhouse throughout the world. 

We need a system that is simple and "modular" so that all its components are designed to connect with one another and to readily accept and integrate new designs quickly and effectively, both within the Long Island framework and with the world at large.

Like a carbon molecule easily joins with other molecules to form complex organisms, so too must our Long Island 3.0 projects easily bond with one another to create a "symbiotic diversity" which allows Long Island to prosper.

There are links between almost every endeavor we undertake on Long Island. Long Island 3.0 will allow us to uncover them and use them for the common good.

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