Monday, May 5, 2008

Two problems with a common source

"Put simply, the economic model of news gathering – of maintaining costly overseas correspondents and news bureaus, of investigative journalists – is being eviscerated," Moffett wrote. "And it is being eviscerated by the Internet."

"Just how difficult will it be to enact any of the reforms proposed last week by the Lundine commission on efficiency and competitiveness? Answer: Pretty difficult."

The above two stories illustrate pretty well the dilemma we've been exploring over the past year or so (or back to 1993 in fact) and why we've been proposing the "One Long Island" series of projects.

Information gathering and analysis is changing at a rapid rate. We need new dynamic, collaborative and flexible organizations, structures and models to address this new reality.

Accurate timely information/analysis and substantive, sustainable, positive change are virtually impossible without them.

The above two illustrations are certainly not the only areas in need of reform, but they are a large part of what needs to be changed.

The old ways just don't work anymore.

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