Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Common Formulae: Part Two

I saw this company featured on PBS last night in a program on renewable energy. I'm sure there are similar companies, but this one was singled out as being effective.

It got me thinking whether there is a formula that would fit this aspect of Long Island's health into the Long Island 2.0 concept (among other concepts we've explored).

Maybe in part the formula can be constructed as follows:

If there are x number of government-education-other public buildings and there is y square feet of available space for solar panels then Long Island public facilities can generate z amount of power at bb rate minus cost of installation/cost of power and or federal or state subsidies (if any).

Of course the PBS program focused on how Sun Edison worked with local business to lessen the impact of peak power needs, so this partial formula could be applied there as well.

Here is LIPA's current solar energy program. I don't know how they determine the upside of solar or if a program like Sun Edison's is permissible in New York State.

All information is welcome.

Also look at MathML an XML based application which may be useful in constructing and implementing common formulae.

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