Friday, April 13, 2007

Social Networking Theory and Long Island: Part One

"Social network theory look at the social structure between individuals or organizations. It investigates the ways in which they are connected through a variety of social commonalities. ... Social networking could also refer to a category of Internet based applications working to connect friends, business partners, or others using online interactions, forums, newsgroups, blogs, and a variety of other means..."

What is the composition of the social network or social networks of Long Island? How do we, as a region communicate with one another and with the "outside world?" Is there a Long Island "collective mind?" Will this "collective mind" eventually supplant traditional information and news sources?

Long Island is a diverse region and we protect our diversity and our individuality. No matter the community organization, government or media outlet, we strive to be the best. That should be a good thing and for the most part it is. But perhaps we, as a region are so competitive with one another we miss the greater opportunities cooperation offers.

Our previous posts on a LIWIKI and LI Metadata project and Virtual Community Congress are attempts to begin to forge the dichotomy between autonomy and coordinated efforts for the public good. In future posts we will try to tie this all together in a simple format.

Because as we all know, if it isn't simple to use and understand, it's probably doomed to failure. Not because of a lack of intelligence, just from a lack of time. Even with the best intentions these types of projects are difficult.

Can't hurt to try however.

Some additional current readings here, here, here and here.

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