Monday, October 15, 2007

Long Island "Info Grid": Part One

I was watching one of the local talk shows this past weekend and Kevin Law the new head of LIPA was on talking about the future of energy on Long Island.

He was saying that the best way of keeping costs down at present is through conservation but that it is difficult to get the message across to Long Islanders in a way that will promote real change.

It just reinforced my belief in the real need for a fundamental change in the way we communicate on Long Island. Time and time again we hear "if only Long Islanders knew" we could make great progress on ... (pick the subject).

So another way to look at the "One Long Island" series of projects is as a Long Island Information Grid wherein information is absorbed and transmitted to all those attached to the "grid." Sort of like this and sort of what we were talking about in 1993 but not exactly like either.

More in Part Two.

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