Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random thoughts on a Tuesday ...

How about a Long Island Association of Special Districts similar to this, this, this, and this among others?

Clearly many folks across the nation like the smaller structure of local government, not just those of us on Long Island. Giving a "super structure" to the many various districts that allows them to remain autonomous but act collaboratively and more effectively may be what becomes the most efficient way of handling the current situation.

I was watching a local talk show this past Saturday when someone mentioned the Tom Friedman book, The World is Flat (which I read over this past summer). The host was talking about the value of being a "generalist" and how a traditional liberal arts education may now be in demand once again.

I agree up to a point. Yes it is good to be well rounded and well read. Yes we need folks who understand how to "synthesize" diverse elements and bring them together for a common purpose. But we need more.

We need people trained to think broadly with more than a liberal arts education. Students must be taught how to actually facilitate the synthesis. This is one of the foundational points of our proposed "Long Island School of Meta-Interdisciplinary Studies."

Yes, think broadly and creatively, but direct it towards, or at least reference real projects that have an impact in your sphere of interest.

How about a Long Island Service Oriented Architecture Project? Thanks to John Murcott of 411Karma for the tip.

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