Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Common Data Architecture for Long Island

We've discussed previously on multiple posts the need to share data on Long Island (and to import relevant data from outside Long Island) and to analyze all in a rigorous and coordinated manner.

One possible method for attempting to gather and organize all relevant Long Island data is perhaps to develop universal or standard Long Island Metadata tags.

Another is to create a completely unique Long Island data architecture model which nevertheless is open and compatible with other data sources.

Then we ("Long Island 3.0") must partner with a flexible company or series of flexible companies in designing the proper methodology for vetting, accessing and analyzing this data (metadata) so that we arrive at a reasonable series of policy choices from which to decide.

While this may seem to be a monumental task, it is possible to accomplish this all in a reasonably short period of time.

All we need is leadership, focus and cooperation. The money, intelligence and organization is already in place to achieve the task at hand.

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