Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting Started with Long Island 2.0

Perhaps the quickest way to get underway with the Long Island 2.0 concept (although maybe we will call it Long Island 3.0 before too long) , including LIWIKI, LI Metadata, Virtual Community Congress, Public Alert Systems and all the other elements we've examined over the past few weeks, is to get some of Long Island's "big players" to create the framework for a successful enterprise.

Perhaps organizations like Cablevision, the Long Island Association, Keyspan/LIPA, Stony Brook University, Long Island Forum for Technology, our Library System(s), New York State and local government in partnership with other significant organizations with the financial and technical ability to put together a comprehensive system and have the "clout" to bring it to a great number of individuals and organizations quickly and effectively is an intelligent way to proceed.

Long Island 2.o could serve as a model "private-public" partnership demonstrating a region's ability pool its resources for the common good.

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