Monday, May 21, 2007

By way of review ...

I've introduced, in varying states of detail, a number of themes on the Long Island Idea Factory over the past few months in an effort to create an extended form model for the Long Island 2.0/3.0 concept. A sort of organization by composition in keeping with our multidisciplinary approach.

I thought it might be time to put together a simple recap of at least some of the main concepts.

Here goes:

1. Long Island data must be unified, flexible and available.

2. A broad range of talent is necessary to achieve a cohesive Long Island identity.

3. Technology and money is available now to achieve a better method of determining public policy.

4. Public policy should be determined by generally accepted standards for analysis.

5. Technology used for public purposes should be held to compatible, flexible standards.

6. Organizations should be permitted autonomy within a unified Long Island "vision."

7. Public technology will change despite efforts (intentional or unintentional) to slow down progress.

8. Public systems must be designed to anticipate rapid change.

9. The barriers between government, media and the public will continue to lessen.

10. The public has the potential to assume a greater ability to inform and govern itself.

11. Agreement on common data and common formulae has the potential to lessen strife among organizations and lead to a better approach to public policy.

Those are some of the main themes we've looked at.

Of course there are other sub-themes contained in the original posts so we'll try to fully develop everything as we go along so that, in the end, we have something that makes sense and is easy on the ear.

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