Friday, March 28, 2008

Long Island: The 51st State?

Interesting article here about a renewed effort to create the State of Long Island.

We've already pointed out a few previous efforts.

The idea has merit, if only as a serious intellectual exercise for now. So let's put some of Long Island's universities and organizations to work on the idea and vet it completely. Good job for a Long Island Community Congress (or Virtual Long Island Constitution, Long Island Virtual Community Congress or Long Island Virtual Think Tank).

How about a Long Island Virtual Constitutional Convention?

This is a perfect opportunity to discuss all of the "One Long Island" concepts and all of the other great ideas out there for creating a new Long Island.

Because it only makes sense to create the State of Long Island if we are going to do it in a new and different way.

To replicate what we have now or base it solely on existing New York State government organization and existing Long Island organizational structures makes little sense and will only perpetuate existing problems.

But let's have a serious discussion and see what we can come up with. Even if a new state isn't the final outcome, this exercise might provide valuable insight into how sustainable, positive change may occur on Long Island.

Who knows? This time five or ten years from now we may indeed have the State of Long Island.

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