Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Long Island Internet Referendum Initiative: Part Two

OK, so in part one I gave you a logo and you thought, is that all there is? Well no, but sometimes life intervenes between my thought processes and the computer keyboard so here is a little more info for now.

In 1993 or thereabouts I proposed a Community Congress as a part of the whole Oyster Bay 2000 concept to facilitate cooperation between the various organizations.

I don't know about you, but I find it unacceptable and a bit unnerving that in this day and age accurate, dynamic public information still seems to be difficult to maneuver. How do you ever know what is true? How can you possibly make good public policy like this?

This is one of the reasons for the whole "One Long Island" series of concepts we've been promoting for the last year or so.

What if, using the great minds we have at our local universities, designed an secure, verifiable, easy to use, public referendum model for the Internet and integrated it into the "Long Island Meta Data" concept and the other One Long Island concepts we've been promoting? (It should be noted that all One Long Island projects are designed to work with all other One Long Island projects or subgroups of One Long Island projects).

At first it can be used to gauge public sentiment on public policies but eventually it can be turned into a full blown "Internet Voting" module.

Good for Long Island public policy and potentially a boon for the Long Island economy as an exportable product or service.

More in part three.

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