Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Food for thought ...

"... none other than Plato himself dictated that the circle was the perfect form for celestial movement, and for the next two thousand years, astronomers said that planetary orbits were circular — even though their observational data suggested otherwise. Even Copernicus used circles in his heliocentric model of the universe. Only after much soul-searching did Kepler use the ellipse to describe the heavenly paths. Everyone has externally-imposed "shoulds" and values that influence their thinking. "

"DoI Theory is concerned with the manner in which a new technological idea, artefact or technique, or a new use of an old one, migrates from creation to use. According to DoI theory, technological innovation is communicated through particular channels, over time, among the members of a social system.

The stages through which a technological innovation passes are:
knowledge (exposure to its existence, and understanding of its functions);
persuasion (the forming of a favourable attitude to it);
decision (commitment to its adoption);
implementation (putting it to use); and
confirmation (reinforcement based on positive outcomes from it). "

"the need for collaborative design because design problems are
- complex " requiring social creativity in which stakeholders from different
disciplines have to collaborate
- ill-defined " requiring the integration of problem framing and problem
- have no (single) answer " argumentation support, consideration of tradeoffs
- unique (“a universe of one”) " requiring learning when no one knows the

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