Monday, September 10, 2007

Some random thoughts on a Monday ...

How about a "Long Island Housing Corporation" (to promote need appropriate housing) as an outgrowth of the Virtual Long Island Constitution and the cooperation between all political subdivisions (and others). Similar to the "Long Island Municipal Investment Group (maybe even a subdivision thereof?)" we wrote about earlier, a continuation of the overarching theory that the more ties we have to one another the more likely it is we will cooperate.

How about all the Long Island software developed or utilized for the inter-connectivity of Long Island is done as "open source" and subject to an Long Island Open Source Licensing Agreement? Again this will help us all work from the same playbook and foster cooperation, local innovation and business development. Even software that is proprietary should be required to utilize some "open architecture" so that we can create all the bridges we need to foster the idea of "one Long Island."

How do we utilize both "right brain" Long Island talent and "left brain" Long Island talent?

Can we create a "modular Long Island talent pool" where individuals and organizations which are preeminent in their field take the lead on certain aspects of the Long Island 3.0 concept?

I'll try to develop these themes in later posts.

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