Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Long Island School of Dynamic or Meta-Interdisciplinarianism: Part One

Isn't "metainterdisciplinarianism" a redundant word? After all if we are practicing interdisciplinarianism aren't we already using all the tools available to us?

Yes and no.

From what I can gather "interdisciplinarianism" generally does not, despite its apparent meaning, refer to the attempt to bring all disciplines together for a common regional ongoing and dynamic purpose. It seems to be limits to brings "certain" disciplines (but not all) together for a particular project. (Interdisciplinarity is the act of drawing from two or more academic disciplines and integrating their insights to work together in pursuit of a common goal. "Interdisciplinary Studies", as they are called, use interdisciplinarity to develop a greater understanding of a problem that is too complex or wide-ranging (i.e. AIDS pandemic, global warming) to be dealt with using the knowledge and methodology of just one discipline.) Close but no cigar for our purposes.

With the One Long Island Project we are talking about a dynamic, perpetual process which encompasses all elements working together for a common purpose (hence metainterdisciplinarianism).

I believe it would be helpful to the process if we assist or teach folks how to cooperate and how to build bridges for mutual benefit, not only in a "philosophical sense" but in a technical way as well.

I don't know that anyone would call this new course of study "The Long Island School of Metainterdisciplinarianism" (The Long Island School of Metainterdisciplinarian Studies) but whatever it is called, I believe it is an important part of changing the dynamics on Long Island for the better. Maybe we should call it The Long Island School of Dynamic Interdisciplinarianism instead. Could be Transdisciplinarity as well I suppose.

Hey. That's why it's called an idea factory. We're trying to explore all options. Some will work. Some won't. But let's get all of Long Island thinking and collaborating for the common good. The idea is to get everyone (or at least willing participants) to leave their comfort zone and to think differently. See things from a new vantage point and perspective. THINK. COLLABERATE. ACT. REPEAT. "Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. Robert A. Heinlein"

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