Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Implementing Long Island 3.0

The above diagram illustrates one way to look at how to implement (or begin to implement) the Long Island 3.0 concept.

A key is to identify those in all relevant disciplines who have the "core competency" required in a particular field (it may be multiple individuals and/or organizations) then to determine who those individuals and organizations have the ability to influence. When we say influence, we are using it in the "collaborative" context, not the "command" context.

Obviously, some will have multiple core competencies and multiple spheres of influence. Together, the scope of their collective abilities should create the "Joint Sphere (s) of Influence" that covers not only all of Long Island, but reaches out nationally and internationally.

I short we may look at Long Island 3.0 as using a "social networking" theory of sorts to its fullest application.

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