Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How about a Long Island Congress?

We've talked previously about a "Community Congress" or a "Virtual Community Congress" and while there have been attempts to bring organizations and individuals together on Long Island for specific issues, I'm unaware of any attempt to have an ongoing dialogue amongst government leaders and relevant organizations and individuals on, let's say, a quarterly basis to discuss all of the major issues of the day.

Furthermore, this "Long Island Congress" can also be virtual (to maintain the dynamic interaction we've previously spoken about) and should not cost much to maintain. This is NOT a new bureaucracy. This is a method and a forum to bring the best and brightest together on Long Island in a non-confrontational, cooperative manner to find solutions to the issues that affect Long Islanders. Most of the Long Island 3.0 ideas lend themselves perfectly to this type of interaction.

Over the next few posts we'll attempt to create a specific framework that would encourage the Long Island Congress to be created and to be successful.

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