Monday, June 25, 2007

Two on the right track

"In a first-time regionwide initiative, five major Long Island philanthropic groups have pledged a half-million dollars to help 12 grassroots organizations improve the quality of life in distressed communities."

Another good idea and a good start towards a "unified theory of regional coordination" we've been promoting with Long Island 3.0 and the Long Island Congress (and even since 1993 with Oyster Bay 2000). We've emailed most if not all of these groups the Long Island Idea Factory blog for a number of months now.  They don't respond, but maybe they read it occasionally.

It is important that "like minded" organizations begin to engage in this type of behavior so that when there is a "multi-disciplinary" approach to addressing Long Island issues, they have already coordinated and analyzed how they wish to approach particular issues. That is not to say that when they are "thrown into the mix" with other "disciplines" their opinions may change and have to be modified, but it is a good start nevertheless.

Mr. White seems like a bright fellow looking to "coordinate"  land use issues on Long Island for a productive end. He would be well served by "broadening" the pool of talent available to him, whether land use related or not. Different disciplines have different ways of looking at things.  A "fresh eye" on different issues is almost always useful.

Again, the Long Island Congress, Long Island 3.0 concepts allow for the kind of dynamic multi-disciplinary approach required for the "sustainable" long term health of Long Island. 

Just keep connecting "connecting the dots."

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