Monday, June 25, 2007

Viral Organization Building?

"One of the driving forces behind any successful discipline, institution, business, and any organizational structure for that matter, is the constant application of innovative ideas. Without innovation, things stagnate and can never realize their full potential. Advertising, as a creative social science, continually searches for innovative ways to capture audiences'€™ attention in order to communicate a particular message."

Good article on viral marketing. 

What we are attempting to do with  Long Island Congress and Long Island 3.0 is, in part, to create a form of sophisticated "viral" information sharing containing the "constant application of innovative ideas" for public policy development.

The Long Island Congress/Long Island 3.0 is then, in part, an "organic structure" constantly changing and adapting to meet any challenges that may occur and allowing Long Island to prosper as a region in this era of "Organizational Darwinism."

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