Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New York State XML Update? New York 3.0?

I was looking at the New York State OFT website, queried XML and came up with this. Here's what NYSTAR has been up to with XML.

It looks a little restrictive as to what's allowable if, in fact, the RFP process was ever completed.

It would probably be in the state's best interests to take a broader view toward xml standards and open data standards in general for all New York State agencies and authorities and all New York State political subdivisions.

Just as we're proposing a Long Island 3.0 approach to public policy solutions, perhaps New York should take a similar approach as well.

Open architecture, multiple platforms, multiple API. The more businesses we can interest in developing products for New York, the better it is for the New York economy.

The state (and/or Long Island) should lead the way in promoting creative thinking and innovative products and should, in essence, be a laboratory for their implementation.

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