Thursday, June 14, 2007

Long Island Congress ... Lux Perpetua.

The creation of a Long Island Congress will create a vehicle for the unbiased, clear thinking analysis all Long Islanders require to make rational decisions.

This "public policy lux perpetua (ceaseless light)" will allow decisions to be made openly and without distortion.

It has been my experience as both a public official and private citizen that, while various advocacy organizations and individuals will have strong opinions and use "tough" tactics to push their cause, most, with some exceptions know how to cooperate and compromise.

The one thing we can not do is allow the public or organizations to think that information is being withheld or otherwise skewed to allow for a predetermined outcome. Let unreasonable people be unreasonable. Eventually, they only harm themselves and become irrelevant.

Obviously we live on an island. We have limited resources as would any islander. We must work smarter and in a more coordinated manner for all the reasons we've discussed in previous posts.

No one is naive enough to think a major change like this will be without a few bumps in the road. It has been my experience that most public officials want to cooperate with one another to make their communities better. Given the opportunity they, along with the rest of us, can achieve great things for Long Island.

For example this is the type of big idea we need to look at with a serious and unbiased eye. There are many good ideas like this out there from many different sources just waiting to be examined, analyzed and implemented.

We must think of Long Island not as a destination to somewhere else or a temporary state of affairs. Instead we must commit fully to a coordinated, strong Long Island able to hold its own with any other region; nationally or internationally.

A Long Island Congress (containing Long Island 3.0 concepts) with its "public policy lux perpetua "of objectivity and reason can be a major assistance in shaping a brighter Long Island future.

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