Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long Island Congress: A Virtual Think Tank

Another way, at least in part, to view the Long Island Congress/Long Island 3.0 concept is as a Long Island "virtual think tank." A think tank that creates a dynamic environment for the accumulation, analysis and implementation of new ideas on  a reasonable timetable and in an inclusive manner.

Where is the "clearing house of ideas" housed on Long Island at present? Nowhere that I've found so far other than the usual "static based-identify the issues type." Not a bad thing and certainly part of the puzzle,  just not enough. There are many locations, with many good ideas, using many different methodologies and technologies, but there is no way to create bridges, both technological and conceptual between them all.

How do we interact with one another today? Intermittently, by happenstance in a static manner for the most part. I believe most organizations and individuals want to work cooperatively, but do not have the tools and opportunity to do so.

Substantive change rarely comes by revolution or in one fell swoop. It generally comes in an organic, incremental manner. More so when there are many established moving parts as we have here on Long Island.

Although it may be to organizational or individual advantage to be seen as the agent of great change in a flash of brilliance, the reality is that great shock or rapid change to an "organism" usually harms the organism more than it helps it. 

So in establishing our dynamic "virtual think tank" for Long Island with the Long Island Congress/ Long Island 3.0 concepts we give ourselves the opportunity to create a strong and coordinated region that is incremental, pragmatic and most important of all, sustainable.

As recent events have illustrated, Long Island can not afford to do otherwise.

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